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Sarurday, June 1, 2013
Camel's Back Park (please note change in venue and checkout the course map)
Registeration is now up (04/23/2013). Yeah! ! !
2013 Registration
Registration Available At Race

Start Time:
1:00PM-to-5:00PM Any Event
2:00PM-to-3:30PM Kids Events
*Any Event means, Relay Team, 1-Mile Pro, 5-Mile Ultra Hop, Beyond (go as long as you can) will start any time you are ready--our software is that good!
Course Map PDF

Prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd place finishes
Cash Prizes for World Record Breakers:
Current Records are for: 1-Mile, 5-Mile, 10-Mile, Get creative and come up with your own, which will be tracked--and official is on the field.
World records made official by the World Hippity-Hop Organization

Times to Beat:
One-Mile-Mens (2011) Andy Stauffer 12min 09sec
One-Mile-Womens (2010) *Kelly Stauffer 16min 32sec
Five-Mile-Mens (2011) Mark Hutchinson 1hr 19min 06sec
Five-Mile-Womens (2011) Laura Hansen 3hr 08min 45sec

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